Sharpening the blades...


20 - 23 September, in Kopaniec, Dolnośląskie, Poland
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WHEN: 20 to 23 September 2018

WHERE: Kopaniec, Dolnośląskie, Poland


ACCOMMODATION: Medieval Camping
(Tents and Huts)



PRICE: €225/€150 + taxes (Details here)

TICKET RELEASE: 22 January 2018

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Are you ready to uncover the secrets of Avalon?

Broken characters, not broken players

Read our safety, inclusivity, and accessibility policy now.

What will you do during the game?

Explore the island of Avalon.

Learn its ancient secrets.

Compete in trials of strength and cunning.

Band together for protection and advantage...

...or try to make it on your own.

Forge bonds that last a lifetime.

Avalon is not an ordinary magic school larp. As a student you will certainly be taking classes and learning the old ways of magic, but you will also be fighting for survival in a harsh environment. At Avalon the teachers share their wisdom but they do not run the school. Most students join warbands for protection. These small groups plot and compete against each other; a member of one warband caught alone by members of another is likely to be hexed, or hurt, or both.

And yet there is more to Avalon than just lessons and fighting. The island has secrets that beg to be solved, riddles to unravel, and places to discover and explore. The larp has a story. Events will unfurl based upon the actions (or inactions) of the players. These events are not pre-planned. We don’t know what will happen, but we will interact and react to what you — the players — do.

There will be plenty of time for your own plots and interactions. The stories you tell will be about your character and their time at Avalon.

Which warband will you join?

Compete in trials of strength and cunning!


You can either play characters you write yourself, or characters you have played at previous runs of College of Wizardry, or we will happily write a character for you. Avalon is not like other magical schools and we want to make sure that your character concept fits with the style of the larp so we will still provide guidance for characters you decide to write yourself.

We will do our best to accommodate groups of players who want to play together in warbands etc., but this cannot be guaranteed. Be assured that Avalon is a small community: you will be able to play with whoever you want, even if you are not cast in all the same groups.

What path will you walk?

Learn the ancient magic of Avalon.

The Team

Charlie Ashby

Szymon Boruta

Karolina Fairfax

Agnieszka Linka Hawryluk-Boruta

Halfdan Justesen

Kryzstof Kraus

Martine Svanevik

Sagalinn Tangen

& Simon Brind


This is an Avalon Larp Studio production, made with support by Dziobak Larp Studios.