Sharpening the blades...




This is the combat class where students learn to fight with mundane weapons. It is an Avalon tradition that even the most extreme Hexborn supremacists seem to support.



Here students learn how to fix the human body using both magical and (ancient) mundane means.


Students learn to predict the future by casting lots and reading entrails. This is a place where Witchards discover how to recognise omens, signs and portents.


A fundamental class that deals with identifying herbs and brewing potions, tinctures, and poisons.


In this class, witchards learn the art of negotiation. They are taught the secrets of politics and philosophy.

Dreams & Shadows

This is where students learn to enter dreams and deal with the fae and demons that lurk within.


Runes are a very ancient form of magic. This is the only class at Avalon which deals with the written word.


Enchantments are the spells that deal with emotions and memory.


In this class witchards learn how to create small magic items that can provide a modicum of protection from the dangers of Avalon. 


Megalithics deals with the physical structures of magic. From ley lines to portal tombs; from ghost fences to stone circles. From spirals of woad upon the skin to the runic bridges that allow Witchards to travel halfway across the world.


This class deals with non-human creatures and their magics. Advanced students learn the art of shapeshifting — literally the transformation into other creatures.

Magical Combat

This class deals with both offensive and defensive magic and how Witchards can operate together to make an unstoppable fighting force.

Ritual Magic

Here the students learn the art of working with magic in a group to bring about magical change on a large scale.


No one knows!  Students learning the secret magics of the Wyllt path never speak of it.