Sharpening the blades...


The Game

Avalon is a larp event that is set in the game world of the College of Wizardry. It is about a magical school, where Witchards go to study basic magic. It’s also an almost two thousand years old institution with all the trappings of a druidic training camp; it is a bleak and harsh place, rife with dangers, traditions, rivalries, and secrets.

As a place of learning, Avalon is designed to forge great Witchards by breaking and rebuilding them in its own image. What this means for your character is up to you, but what is certain is that none who enter Avalon remain the same.

No one knows where Avalon is located.  It takes the form of a desolate village, shrouded in Mists on an island and protected by waves and rocks that will wreck the boats of any who are not welcome.

Avalon is a closed world

In most cases the only people who may set foot on the island are students, teachers, alumni, and those who have been specifically invited. The Mists prevent surprise guests, and cut off all communication with the outside world via mundane means. However there are some ancient creatures who have a prior claim upon Avalon who are sometimes able to breach its defences.

Themes of play

Broken and Reborn

Avalon destroys people and then recreates them in its own form; sometimes it makes them stronger, sometimes it creates monsters. One of the central themes of the larp is destruction and re-creation; the turning of the seasons, the wheel of fate, death and rebirth, and how nothing changes even though it seems to change all the time. The weak are forced to become strong, or they are lost.