Sharpening the blades...


There are five different study paths. The path a student takes defines what lessons that student will be taught. Some classes are taught to students from several paths at the same time. Each path has a Path Warden, who is in overall charge of that path at the school. Paths are where you are taught the secrets of Avalon. Entering a path is easy, but you are not allowed to graduate until your journey on it is done.
New students become initiates to a path and are fully pathed in their final year. The amount of time spent on the path varies from character to character.

Avalon Shield

Morigenā – The Seaborn Path

Made famous by Morgan Le Fey: Here students learn the magic of water.  They learn about illusions, how to call waves, about brewing strange potions, charms, and the secrets of the Whale Road.  Their secret lessons deal with enchantments, those spells that affect emotion and memory.

Sylvestris – The forest path

Made famous by Taliesin, the Bard, students of this path study the secrets of the land and the earth.  Some will learn the only written subject taught at Avalon — the magic of runes — and how even non-magical words have power over others. In their secret class, they will be taught the languages of beasts and how to alter their shape.

Tuath – The sinister path of the storm

Students on this path learn the secrets of air and wind.  This is the home of tricksters and rogues; they learn subtle manipulations and magic of persuasion; they specialise in the interplay of trades and favours.  They consort with spirits, both benign and malevolent. Advanced students on this path study the properties of certain herbs and mushrooms and their secret classes will show them how to walk into the Land of Dreams or even the Faery Realm itself.

Taranis – The path of the burning wheel

Students on this path are warriors. They learn the magic of fire and destruction; their secret classes teach them the subtleties of armour spells and the art of war. They wear their scars proudly.


Wyllt - The wild path

Students of this path are rare, and those who complete it are rarer still. The most famous of these was Myrddin (also known as Merlin). It is a path of madness and darkness. The secrets learned along this path are shrouded in mystery. All that is known is that those who follow it make a long journey, barefoot, across a dozen lands; learning from the witches and wizards of those countries as they go. They speak many languages — both living and dead — and are able to change their appearance. Often they are mistaken for wise folk, more often they are hunted and haunted and perish along the way.