Sharpening the blades...


WHEN — 20 to 23 September 2018

WHERE — Kopaniec, Dolnośląskie, Poland


ACCOMMODATION — Medieval Camping
(Tents and Huts)

LANGUAGE — English


PRICE — €225 / €150 + taxes (Read below)

TICKET RELEASE — 22 January 2018

Transport, camping, and costume


We will organise a bus to and from the airport to the site (airport to be decided). If you are making your own way to the site by car please let us know, there is space for parking in the off-game camping field.


We will provide camp beds in the in-game camping accommodation, but you will need to bring a sleeping bag and any other bedding you might require. It may get cold at night — it is Avalon after all — so extra blankets are a good idea.


Avalon is not a game for multiple costume changes and party dresses. We recommend one character costume, with layers. It should be warm, waterproof, flexible and badass. We'll add more information about costume to the design document in due course.


Sign up, payments, and cancellations


The price of the larp is €225 (+local taxes).

This includes a bed in a medieval tent and full catering for the larp. Teacher characters will sleep in huts.

There is also the option of bringing your own tent, either a medieval tent to place in the in-game area or a modern tent, which will be placed in an off-game space.

We have a limited amount of bring-your-own-tent tickets. These cost €150 (+local taxes) and will be released in batches of 10.

This larp is not for profit, so we can only afford a few of these.  


You can pay all at once, or you can pay in two lumps, to make it easier to spread out the expenditure.

  • Buying the 1st lump secures you a place at the larp. The first lump costs €90.
  • The 2nd lump is the rest of the payment (either €60 for the bring-your-own-tent ticket or €135 for the normal ticket). This amount must be paid at least four months before the larp.
  • This means that if you sign up less than four months before the larp, you need to pay both the 1st lump and the 2nd lump ticket immediately.

Please do not pay for 2nd lump without having first paid for the 1st lump, your ticket will not be valid if you do so.

You are of course very welcome to pay everything at once. This makes our lives easier!


Tickets are personal. If you end up not being able to go to the larp, we will do our best to get a replacement player, and if we do (it’s usually quite easy up until a few months before the larp), you’ll get the full amount back — minus €50 in cancellation fees. You can also find a replacement yourself – that makes it easier to guarantee a refund! If there is no replacement player, there is no refund, since we will have the costs anyway. And if you cancel close to a larp (2 weeks before or less), we’ll be giving away your spot to a ”free player,” since the larp works best with a full cast!

Privacy Policy

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