Sharpening the blades...


Participant & Crew Safety

We will publish the names of all attendees prior to the larp. If participants have issues or concerns about anyone attending they are invited to contact the organisers — in confidence — to discuss their concerns. 

The larp features a number of meta-techniques to control the intensity of interactions. Participants who ignore the safety techniques or fail to follow a de-escalation request will be removed from the larp.

The larp has a number of rules around inclusivity. Participants who ignore these rules or who harass another player will be removed from the larp.

Opt-in, not opt-out

All events are opt-in, not opt-out. Participants can go out-of-character at any time and without giving a reason. There will be no in-character penalty for not turning up to an event or activity.

Sometimes things happen in a larp that we as participants just don’t want to do. Not for any particular reason, but just that in the here and now they don’t work for us. Every interaction at Avalon should be treated as an invitation. You do not have to play out a particular scene or interaction if you do not want to.

We will teach all participants a set of meta-techniques that are used to signal to other participants when they want to withdraw or change the terms of engagement.

We will be workshopping these meta-techniques to ensure that all participants understand them.

Yes means Yes / Enthusiastic Consent

We are not here to police your interactions. All participants are adults. We acknowledge that larps can lead to heightened emotions before, during, and after the experience. We ask that — if you do decide to engage in any kind of physical intimacy — you understand that Yes means Yes, and anything other than enthusiastic and informed consent from someone else is not consent at all.


The site is large. We will try to accommodate the play experience for people who can’t travel across distances. It’s slippery. There will be tenting. It is not wheelchair accessible.


We believe Avalon will be a better experience without sexism, without homophobia or transphobia, without ableism, and without racism. We ask our participants to respect this decision and to avoid language or behaviours that could be interpreted as breaking this rule.

Some characters may identify as non-­binary, be gender fluid, or without gender. In this larp no character will bat an eye if two men or women show a romantic interest in each other. Students in a poly relationship are not worth remarking about. Your character can be straight, bi, gay, lesbian, queer or whatever you choose.

Likewise, race is not a point of tension in the Witchard world. No matter which country your character is from or which background they have, they will not suffer structural oppression because of it. 

We acknowledge that all these issues do affect people in the real world. We have taken the decision to exclude them from the larp because:

Inclusiveness — there will be those among our player base who struggle in their everyday lives with these issues. Play on these themes will derail their experience and cause them as players (rather than as characters) to feel marginalised and unsafe.

Safety — Each of these issues is complex and demanding. While we are not saying they are issues that can never be played on, exploring these issues through larp requires careful design and thorough workshopping prior to play. We have to be selective in regards to what we can effectively handle within the parameters of this one event.

The themes focused on in this larp do not require the additional stresses of these tensions to be powerful and meaningful.

How does this affect play?

It doesn’t!

At the larp, gender, disability, sexual preference, and race are not relevant to use as points of conflict or tension. If you need to find a reason to hate on another character, you can look at their warband, their blood status, their attitude to mundanes. These tensions will be built into the characters.