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How is Avalon different from CoW?

The school of Avalon exists in the College of Wizardry universe. This means there are cultural parallels between the two games. Gender, sexual orientation, race and disability status have no bearing on status in the world. Avalon wants all players to feel equally welcome and to have a fulfilling play experience, just like CoW does.

But there are also key difference within both the fiction and the larp design. Firstly, Avalon, unlike CoW, is not a sandbox larp. This means that, although it is a larp that embraces player-generated stories based on character relations, strife and romance, it is also a larp with its own stories for players to breath life into. What you do on Avalon matters. What happens during the larp will depend on player actions and choices, what characters choose to meddle with and what they leave alone. There is no prescribed route through the mists and there is no set ending (no Saturday Night Monster). But Avalon is a nest of stories.

In CoW anything goes, so long as it is fun for you and doesn’t have a negative impact on other players. The Avalon experience is more curated. Avalon, as a place of learning, has a strict ethos and it is a harsh one. It is more trial by fire, school of hard-knocks, sink or swim. The teachers at Avalon are not there to enforce discipline; the rules are enforced by the students.

Therefore the culture characters will experience is less forgiving of weakness or whimsey than Czocha. This does not mean characters cannot be weak or whimsical, but there will be consequences and they may not survive unchanged. Avalon breaks you down and rebuilds you stronger, smarter and more ruthless, both the curriculum and the way of life reflect this. This is why Avalon has long produced the leaders, warriors and king-makers of the witchard world. And if witchards from other schools refer to them not as elite but as psychotic bastards, they don’t do so within their hearing.

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