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1816. . .  Lord Byron, the most successful poet of all time has fled his native England to escape scandal and debt. He is accompanied by his personal physician – Dr. John Polidori – and a carriage full of servants. He is joined by the poet, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Byron’s one-time lover Claire Clairmont, and Claire’s half-sister, the writer Mary Godwin, who was later to become famous under her married name, Mary Shelley.

The year is unseasonably cold and dark and the group are largely trapped inside Byron’s villa by the storms outside.  To stave off the boredom, they amuse themselves with drink, drugs, sex and writing horror stories.   One dark and stormy night, things start to go very wrong, as their gothic tales seem to come to life. . .

In the autumn of 2023 Avalon larp studio would like to invite you to join us, as we open the doors to our Villa Diodati.

Gothic, a larp by Avalon larp studio. More details coming soon. 

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