2-3 May 2019 (Adult Run)

15:00 on the 2nd till evening on the 3rd,
with the possibility of staying on-site until 11:00 on the 4th.


4-5 May 2019 (Family Run)

13:00 on the 4th till 18:00 on the 5th,
with the possibility of staying on-site till the 6th.  



Regular Ticket: 110€

Family Ticket (Adult + Child <15): 170€ (+ 70€ per additional child)

Ascending Ticket (Age >15 and <20): 85€

Wise Ticket (Retiree): 85€


Food and lodging is included in all ticket.


Location: Berghem Lajvby, where the larp will take place, is located outside of the town Skillingaryd in Småland, Sweden. These are the GPS coordinates for the larp village:

WGS 84:N 57° 28.184′, E 13° 56.265′
WGS 84 – decimal:57.46973, 13.93774
RT90:6373134, 1387951
SWEREF99:6370174, 436287


Physical Contact: Low to None

Transparency level: Medium (Adult-run), High (Family-run)

Player Agency: Medium


Design Document


Player buy-in: For this larp to be fun you should want to take part in portraying a peaceful village life, filled with gossip and drama. You should enjoy playing on the fear of creatures that lurk in the forest and having an impact on how the story of the game unfolds.

Larp Structure

The larp runs in three (Adult Run) or four (Family Run) consecutive acts, there will be no break in between. These acts are guidelines and the transition between them will be dynamic.


  • Act 1: The Calm Before the Storm. When our story begins, the villagers have gathered in the village’s big hall to plan the upcoming celebrations of Walpurgis Night.

  • Act 2: The North Wind Rises. For a few hours during the following day, the children and the youth will mysteriously disappear into the forest. Meanwhile, panic arises in the village.

  • Act 3 - In the Eye of the Storm. The missing player group will return, but as wicked, changed versions of themselves.

  • Act 4 - Blue Skies Ahead (Family Run Only). Eventually the villagers will light the traditional bonfire to ward off the evil spirits.


Adult Run - dark side of the folklore. The first run will be 18+. It will embrace the truly dark elements of Nordic folklore, and have stricter gender roles than the family friendly run. The folklore creatures will also interact more directly with the adult villagers.


Family Run - larp with your children. The second run will be one where the players can bring their children, who will be playing the part of village youth and children. During the second act of the larp, the youth and/or children over the age of 5 will be taken away from their families to be with the folklore creatures. It is important that players are aware that the children will disappear. Of course, this stealing of children will only be done with the consent of both the off-game parent(s) and the child. As all forms of consent, this can be retracted by the parent(s) or the child at any time during the event. We want to stress that a happy resolution for the family run’s story is already set in stone, to mitigate negative bleed.


Players Under 18 - Children the age of 5 or younger must be accompanied by a legal guardian. Their legal guardian will be cast in the same household as the child and the child will remain in their care for the duration of the game, even throughout act 2. Participants under 15 must be accompanied by an adult. All participants under 18 need written permission to attend by their legal guardian, unless they are being accompanied by them. These are guidelines, we are open to make exceptions.


Tale of the North Wind will primarily be played in English. The fiction accommodates for the different families having ancestry from all over the world, meaning most of them are multi-lingual.

We encourage people to use English as their default to allow for eavesdropping etc, but if you need to speak another language to translate something for another player that is completely okay, both in- and off-game.


  • Fear of the Unknown - The creatures and evils spirits in the woods are real. Compared to them you are powerless. Manifests in the overall plot.

  • Telling Tales (Nordic Folklore) - You will tell tales. The moral of these stories will drive how you act, and the warnings of what dwells in the dark will change how the story unfolds.
    Manifests in a storytelling mechanic and the fictional setting.

  • Family Tensions & Village Life - Woodhill is a small, closely knit society, where historical gender roles are in place. In a place where nothing happens, small events turn into major dramas. Gossip is everything. Manifests in prewritten relations and rumour mechanics.


  • Play on superstitious beliefs.

  • Play on Catholic Christian values.

  • Go into the woods and engage with the creatures.

  • Play on in-game power structures (historical gender roles etc.)

  • Tell each other tales.


  • Play on Pagan religion.

  • Kill characters (including your own).

  • Initiate Christian witch hunts.

  • Discriminate players because of their off-game features.

  • Make up supernatural creatures or tell tales from other folklore.

Play Culture

Our larp is a place for collaborative storytelling. Rather than trying to best our co-players, we aim to engage in mutually fulfilling play.


  • Ask before you touch someone.

  • State your boundaries.

  • Say “Yes and”.

  • Respect your co-players for who they are.

  • Use the safety and game mechanics provided by the organisers.

  • Involve people of all ages in your play.

  • Take your turn doing the dishes.

  • Discuss your pre-written relations with your co-players before the larp.


  • Touch people who haven’t given you their consent.

  • Engage in physical combat.

  • Steal other players’ belongings.

  • Use any safety or game mechanics NOT in the game design.

  • Exclude players based on their player group, household or family.

  • Go off-game in a public area (except for safety reasons.)

  • Reveal your character’s secrets to your co-players before the larp.

Rules of Engagement

Tale of the North Wind is a game heavily based on verbal social interactions. Violence, intimacy and other intense play should therefore always be pre-negotiated in an off-game setting and all parties involved should always be able to call for a calibration. We suggest that you negotiate such aspects of the larp with your co-players before runtime, during the allocated time in the workshops.


“Cut” - is a safe word that signals that the personal boundaries of an individual player have somehow been crossed and the player needs to extract themselves from the situation. If another player uses this word, then immediately cease the scene.

Code of Conduct and Safety Policy

In addition to these guidelines, it is important that all participants adhere to our code of conduct. If you break our code of conduct, we reserve the right to remove you from the larp, in accordance with our safety policy.

You can read both here:

Accommodation & Accessibility

The location is the larp village of Berghem in Sweden ( It is a remote location and it has no electricity, no running water, no heat, and no wifi. The toilets are outhouses rather than modern toilets. All water on location comes from the local well, which means our kitchen/logistics crew will be working on filling the water dispensers in the dining hall.



We take accessibility seriously and we are working to make this larp open and available to all players. We acknowledge that there are many types of accessibility need and that everyone is unique. Read the full accessibility specifications in the design document.


If you have specific needs or requirements or concerns we’d invite you to contact us at


Off-game space

An out-of-character space is available to all players. You are welcome to enter this space at any time for any reason. You can rest or decompress whenever you need to.


Sign-up Form


If you are interested in playing Tale of the North Wind, you fill it out this form. Set aside 30 mins for this - we are going to go through everything from character and theme interests to dietary needs and sleeping arrangements so you won’t have to fill out a bunch of other forms later.



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