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The Last Song is a larp inspired by the late 10th century. For three days the participants portray Viking Age characters from different clans joining together at a grand þing (Thing), to decide what they should do about King Bluetooth declaring them Christian and followers of the White Christ.


Gatherings of this size bring celebrations, challenges, and spark conflicts. The characters are swept up by clan politics, whilst needing to ensure their family honour is upheld. Some will test each other in trials of strength and wit, some will tell tales and sagas, others will fall in and out of love. Secrets are unravelled and lies are spun.

In the end, they either stand with their King and his White Christ, or they stay true to the old ways.

01 Beginnings 2048px-100.jpg

Act 1


As clans arrive in Yxengaard the players are finding their way into their characters. Tension is low, feuds are simmering but are not out in the open. During this act most clans will find their way around Yxengaard and into their camps.

Act 2


As the characters become aware of their differences the tension rises and the characters are tried and tested in their worldview, alliances and convictions. Old feuds are relit, friendships and romances get complications, oaths are sworn and challenges are made.

02 Trials 2048px-100.jpg
03 Memories 2048px-100.jpg

Act 3


The characters remember the old gods, either to recall what they fight for or as a final goodbye. Tension becomes personal, and people are faced with the reality of their current loyalties. They reflect on what they have and what they have done to get where they are. 

Act 4


The tensions get too much and tempers boil over. Conflicts are out in the open, scores are settled, and the last matters are decided. This is the time for grand gestures, to renounce your faith, or fight a holmgang, to declare your love, to sacrifice everything; for the deeds of heroes that will never be forgotten.

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05 End of a World 2048px-100.jpg

Act 5

End of a world

In the final act the characters realise the world as they know it is coming to an end. Their unity in faith and loyalties is broken and a new world is coming. This is the time to finish the stories you have been making and create the closure you need.

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