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A larp about refugees

In aid of the Refugee Council
Made in association with Broken Dreams larp

"a MILESTONE in UK based larp"

"I have never had such a MEANINGFUL roleplay experience"

"a SIGNIFICANT moment in our hobby"


A photo of a tabletop RPG

March 26, 2018

Beyond Dungeons and Dragons: can role play save the world?

From refugees to Aids, live action role-play games are exploring critical issues. But is the idea of social change via larp a fantasy?

Guardian Newspaper

Clothing and property owned by a refugee in a detention centre

June 9, 2018

Would you make The Quota?

I have recently been a player at The Quota, which was a dystopian dark future roleplaying event, set in a chronologically very close future and in an utterly believable world.

Rachel Thomas

A Welsh Dragon postcard and some pens and notes

June 13, 2018

Our hobby is growing up.

"I still struggle to wrap my brain around the experience that the Quota gave me. I still have moments where the tears come unbidden, and I remember the faces, drawn and grey by the misery"

John Shockley

Photo © 2018 by Oliver Facey

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